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Still have a few questions about the Exposure Program?

You’re not alone. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about the program.

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What kind of work do you accept for the Exposure Program?

We accept 2D and 3D contemporary artwork from emerging or established artists. Your submissions may not exceed 28 in any dimension.

For the each accepted Exposure artist, we choose roughly three pieces to be included in the show. Due to the nature of the program, we have to limit the size of the artwork and the amount displayed in order to give equal and fair space to each participating artist and to still curate a dynamic show overall.

It costs upwards of $15,000 for one artist to exhibit alone at these big art fairs, so we found a way to cut the cost – by splitting it between multiple artists per space. On top of that, we have developed it into a comprehensive program with lots of added resources, to help our artists make the most of this opportunity and make the cost of this program even more worth it.

What does non-exclusive representation mean?

Simply said, we are not a gallery, so we don’t require an exclusive contract. With many galleries, there is a contract for exclusive representation that you, the artist, sign on for. This means that you can only show with that specific gallery unless they approve of it. With us, that is not the case. We represent you for the time that the fair is going on.

During this time we are actively talking with other gallerists and collectors about your work, and letting them know you are available to sign on with their gallery at the end of the fair. After the fair is over, you are free to sign on with any gallery that wants to pick you up.

In fact, that is our goal for you. If the Exposure program can leverage your work into gallery in New York, Los Angeles, London, or anywhere else, we will consider it a job well done. This is as much about getting your top quality work picked up by a gallery as it is about getting your best work in front of serious collectors.

Do I have to travel to the exhibition city for the fair?

No, you do not have to attend the fair. We leave that decision up to you, though. If you’d like to join us, you may. If you don’t wish to attend, or you can’t, then all you have to do is send us your work, relax, and we’ll do the rest.

What do I need for my application?

Applications are accepted online.  Click here to apply.

You will need:

  • A current CV or Artist Resume in PDF or DOC format
  • An artist Statement in PDF or DOC format
  • Work samples – A minimum of 8, maximum of 10, work sample images submitted that are no smaller than 2400 pixels in any dimension. Filmmakers may submit a video or a link to a video, although stills will also be considered. All instructions for submitting work samples are on the application.
  • A current head shot that is no smaller than 2400 pixels in any dimension
What are the typical exhibition costs at big art fair?

Space Rental: $8500 (on the low end)

Lighting: $800 (whether purchased or rented)

Insurance: $300 (required by all fair venues)

Tables & chairs: $500 (whether purchased or rented)

Advertising: $500 (business cards, flyers, etc.)

Portfolio & presentation: $100 (a mead notebook won’t cut it)

Ground transportation: $600 (to get the furniture and lighting)

Airfare: $500 (on priceline, during peak season)

Lodging & meals: $1400 (on priceline, during peak season)

Gallery staff: $2400 ($40/hour – 10 hour days – 6 days including install and deinstall)

Total cost of going it alone is more than $15,000. With no one there to help you or guide you through the process to promote your success.

Do you take a commission on work that is sold during the fair?

We only take a 10% commission, just to cover our administrative costs, because we believe the artist should keep what they earn. Art fairs are expensive enough to get into, you should be able to make money off of your hard work.

Unlike any other galleries out there, our artists receive 90% commissions on all of their sales.

How much does it cost to participate?

The cost for participation for the Exposure Miami Program is $2,995.

Why is it so expensive?

Short answer: because it’s incredibly expensive to reserve a booth at a big art fair, set it up, promote it, offer continuous representation, tear it down, transport everything, etc.

Long answer: We understand that many artists are struggling to get by. This fact is precisely why the program was started- to help individual artists show their work at big art fairs for a much lower cost than if they were to do it on their own. In fact, many fairs won’t even allow individual artists to apply for exhibition in one of the fair’s booths. There are so many roadblocks, and for something that is vital to the development of your art career. We consider the Exposure Program to be an investment in your future.

What sets us apart from any other type of exhibition or art show, is that we do everything we can to continue representing and supporting our artists after the show. Here’s where the investment part comes in. We have a long term strategy built in for our artists. Yes, we show your work at a high traffic art fair, represent you, and try our best to make contacts and sales for you, but we also display your work on our online gallery after the show, we continue to promote you via our social media channels and mailing lists, we have an exclusive Facebook community of artists for you to join, and- if it’s something that you are interested in- we pre-approve your application for exhibition in our Amazon Art gallery. That means that you get priority to sell your work on a platform that currently has 200 million buyers. In a nutshell, as an Exposure Artist, you will forever be in our roster of artists to love, promote, and help along the way. We are the engine behind our artists; once you are a Starry Night artist, we keep you because we believe in you!

Like we said above, it’s really expensive to run an exhibition at these big art fairs, but we’ve found the most cost effective way we could think of to get emerging artists in! That price includes your presence in all of our promotional- printed and online- materials for that fair, and you will be showcased in the online Starry Night Exposure gallery for the coming year, minimum. You will also get placement in our marketing for the show and Exposure program in general, which includes a national press release. It’s totally valid to feel a little overwhelmed or hesitant about paying such a large sum of money, but if you’re ready to take the next step in your career, it’s something that will continuously send benefits your way, open new doors, and create lasting partnerships for time to come!

What’s not included in the fees for the program?

The participation fees do not include artist’s travel/ lodging (if you choose to attend in person), framing of artwork, shipping of artwork to and from the Fair, or personal liability insurance.

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If this did not answer your question, please contact us; we are happy to answer any remaining questions.