Exposure Program


The Exposure Program, in conjunction with the Aqua Art Fair, we will be selecting our best emerging artists for exhibition during Art Basel Miami, the largest art fair in the Americas, taking place in December of 2017.

Applications are currently being accepted from emerging and mid-career artists.

Now in its sixth year, the Exposure Program will be bringing emerging and mid-career artists to this highly attended art fair, while also preparing our artists with the promotion and career training they need to make the most of such an opportunity. More information is available below.

Applications are being accepted through Friday, September 15th, 2017.


Call for Artists

All submissions of 2-d and 3-d works must have dimensions under 28” x 28” although exceptions are occasionally made. Emerging artists and unrepresented artists are encouraged to apply. Please see below for details, prices, and payment options.


Program Specifics

  • Real world access and exhibition experience at an otherwise exclusive art fair
  • Presentation of work to thousands of serious collectors, dealers and gallerists who are looking for cutting edge artists
  • Non-exclusive representation to encourage and enable our artists to move forward and get picked up by a gallery
  • 90% commission given to the artist on all sales of artwork (our gallery only takes 10% to cover administrative costs)
  • Participation in exclusive VIP events in Miami as available
  • Invitation to join our private Facebook group and connect with hundreds of artists from around the world
  • Full access to our eight week, online professional practices program, Artist Resources & Tools, valued at $995, and included at no cost to Exposure Artists
  • Pre-selection for the Residency at Starry Night in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico



Online application process

Applicants must provide a current CV or Artist Resume, an artist Statement/Bio, and work samples (5 to 10 images). Video artists may bypass the image requirements and submit links to a video.


Curatorial Process

All works will be evaluated by the Aqua Art Fair and the Starry Night Exposure team for inclusion in the exhibition. Artists must submit between five and ten digital images of artwork under 28” in any dimension for consideration. Upon acceptance, specific pieces will be selected for exhibition based on current trends that are believed to present best at the fair.


In November, all works must be brought or shipped to Miami, where we will receive it, hang it, light it properly, and provide non-exclusive gallery representation. All participating artists are encouraged to attend the exhibition in person, although travel costs are not included in the Exposure fees. For the duration of the fair and exhibition, dedicated staff will be on site to represent the work and distribute promotional materials of the work and of the exhibition as a whole.


Our Exposure Miami artists will be included in all print and online promotional materials related to the Exposure program at the gallery venue. In our online promotions, a link to the artist’s website will be included, in order to drive as much traffic to their work as possible, both during and after the exhibition ends. For artists who do not have a website they feel is well designed, access to our comprehensive online training program, Artist Resources & Tools (valued at $495) is included for all Exposure artists at no additional cost.


Typically, galleries do a split of the total sale price with the artist. In many cases, the gallery takes 50% to 60% of the total amount that a piece of art sells for. This leaves less than half of the total selling price for the artist, the creator of the work, to take home. The Exposure program aims to make this opportunity for our artists to show and sell their work at the Aqua Art Fair as cost effective as possible. In this spirit, we take only a 10% commission on works sold during the exhibition, to cover administrative costs.

Receipt of Artwork

For accepted artists who are planning on shipping their work for exhibition, we require that all work be received in Miami no later than the last week of November, 2016. The shipping address and detailed instructions for shipment will be provided. Shipping of any remaining artwork back to the artist is the artist’s responsibility.


The Exposure Program is an international exhibitions program that includes our signature comprehensive professional development and training. This has been designed for emerging visual artists who want to jump start their career, show their work at a prestigious art fair, and learn invaluable tools for becoming a career artist, while getting their work seen in the broader art world. Emerging 2d and 3d artists are encouraged to apply.


Summary of Costs and Fees

There is no fee to apply to the Exposure Program, but upon acceptance the participation fee is $2995. It costs nearly gallery to have a space at the fair, and we have broken down the costs below.

Monthly installment plans are available, and the earlier an artist applies, the longer they have to pay the balance, so the smaller the installments. Fro this reason we encourage artists to submit their application as early as possible.

The following is a breakdown of some of the costs related to exhibiting at an exclusive art fair:

Space Rental: $8500 (on the low end)

Lighting: $1000 (whether purchased or rented)

Insurance: $400 (required by all fair venues)

Tables & chairs: $500 (whether purchased or rented)

Advertising: $500 (business cards, flyers, etc.)

Portfolio & presentation: $100 (a mead notebook won’t cut it)

Ground transportation: $600 (to get the furniture and lighting)

Airfare: $500 (on priceline, during peak season)

Lodging & meals: $1400 (on priceline, during peak season)

Gallery staff: $2400 ($40/hour – 10 hour days – 6 days including install and deinstall)

8 weeks of online training to get ready for this big leap: $495

Total cost of going it alone is more than $15,000. With no one there to help you or guide you through the process to promote your success.

Cost to Exposure Artists

The total price for exhibition, representation and promotion with the Exposure program is $2,995.

The Exposure program is the most cost efficient way of bringing your artwork to a fair of this size. The price includes all of the aforementioned professional training, curation of the show, lighting and hanging of the artwork, full time representation of the artist and their work for the entire 10 day show, and featuring in our online gallery which includes a link to their website. It also guarantees inclusion in all printed and online marketing materials related to the show.

Payment Options

All fees are payable by Credit Card or eCheck via our secure, online system. Payment plans are available.

Application Deadline

Applications are now open.



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Starry Night Programs

starry night retreat newStarry Night Programs is dedicated to supporting and nurturing artists and their careers through our Residency, Exposure, and Online training programs.

Starry Night provides a residency program for artists and writers in the quiet, rural town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

For visual artists, we have an exhibitions program that travels to Miami Beach for Art Basel Miami every December to foster the professional development of our artists at international art fairs.

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