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Breakfast at the Chelsea International Hostel

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Stone Lithograph

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The elaborate process of creating a print by hand is anathema to the instantaneity of portable internet machines. With irony, I trace images of people with their devices and carve them into wood, draw them on a stone or cut detailed paper stencils with which to monotype. The images focus on how interaction with smart phones, tablets and laptops affects our posture and visual instincts.

We curl our entire bodies around a device to utilize it. Held up in front of the face it is a shield from the world. The screen literally glows and draws the eye and mind in and away from our physical reality. The composition of the screen itself values quantity of information and icons and establishes a hierarchy of placement. We learn to ignore the advertisements flashing along the left side, to click and close the box that suddenly appears in the center. These elements coalesce in my work.