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Ronan Bowes received his Postgraduate in Art Education from Northumbria University (Newcastle, UK) and his B.F.A Valedictorian from John Moores Art School (Liverpool, UK). He has exhibited his work most recently at Nyack Arts Festival, (New York, USA) Garner Arts Festival, (New York, USA) Greenpoint Gallery (New York, USA), Flux Fair (London, UK), Aside Bside Gallery (London, UK), CGP Gallery (London, UK), Crosshill Gallery (Belfast, UK), Cresent Arts (Belfast, UK), Brunswick Street Gallery (Melbourne, AU) and Rubix Gallery (Melbourne, AU). Bowes has curated exhibitions at Aside Bside Gallery (London, UK), White Elephant Arts (Melbourne, AU) and John Moores University (Liverpool, UK). His work has been featured in curator Rebecca Wilsons collections through Saatchi Art and he was commissioned to create work for the Liverpool Biennial (UK) 2008. You can find his work in the National Collection of “Your Paintings” by the BBC (England, UK). Bowes has been an artist in resident at White Elephant Arts (Melbourne, AU) and St. Joesph Swan School (Northumbria, UK). He currently is a studio resident at Garner Arts (New York, USA) and travels between there and his studio in the North of Ireland continuing his painting practice.