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My process of creating, the repetitive movements of my hand, is a mind-clearing practice that yields intricate art. Each piece is a record of the path that my hand has traveled, a visual map of the movements that allow me to enter my flow-state.

My artwork is inspired by two sets of contrasts: In my environment, the contrast between man-made and nature; and in materials, the contrast between the control I have over the media and how the media naturally interact with each other. This inspiration manifests itself in my final pieces through contrasts in color, in line, shape and form, and in textures.

The scientific, almost stringent and exact, aspects of the environment are reflected in my obsessive attention to detail. These details are added through a very controlled use of materials. In contrast, the spontaneous aspects of nature are present in the organic and fluid aliveness of my compositions, often created through allowing the materials to combine in an uninhibited fashion.

My artwork exemplifies my persona. It all speaks of me: energetic yet peaceful, playful and imaginative yet sophisticated.

And…Making art makes me happy.


Rachel Goldsmith is a New York based artist who works primarily with PLA plastic, water-based paints on canvas or permanent inks on paper. She received her Masters of Art and Design Education Degree from Pratt Institute in 2007 and her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts Degrees from The University of Michigan in 2003. Rachel taught middle school Visual Arts in New York City from 2007-2012. In addition to winning several “Best in Show” awards, Rachel was commissioned by the inventors of the 3Doodler to create a lamp for MoMA Design Store. Her work, including her Fabergé Big Egg, is included in various private collections.