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My work is the result of executing intuitive images from my mind. I envision my subject in a specific situation–usually as a reaction to my relationship with this person. My photographs portray the conflict as well as the harmony between my reality, my fantasy and the subject’s representation of self. Oftentimes, my portraits lack a continuous narrative. Instead, I focus on symbolism and the momentary silence between the person and the camera. I give my models formal directions which betray the nuances of their body language and facial expression. With the latter, I search for humanity and sincerity of emotion in my photographs, as well as attempt to elicit empathy in the viewer. I connect my subjects with their surroundings through composition–which conversely emphasizes the lonely nature of existence. Hence, I always focus on the harmony in the composition, and overall aesthetics to not only balance but also challenge this melancholic concept. I often photograph absurd situations or in foreign surroundings, thus I rely on the viewer’s recognition of life’s randomness. I aim to create powerful photographs which can stand alone, yet I intend to sustain a subliminal connection among my images.