Jordan Taylor

Bananas for Warhol II

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Photography, composit, & digital painting, 28" x 28"

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I believe in art as a verb. We art. To art is to produce metaphoric experiences through aesthetic interfaces that are emotional, physical and cognitive. Arting should make you aware of what you are around all the time but do not pay attention to. This is a concept I was exposed to from a great professor of mine and this has had a profound impact on my studies as an artist and designer.

To me, arting signifies the beauty of what it means to be alive, to notice the little things in life, like the way light illuminates a room creating form and shadows; or a spider spinning a web and all of its intricate patterns. I come from a background of design and animation (motion graphics and graphic design) where many times I must focus on details. I slave over getting the reflections or color tones just right only for a few frames of video that the average person would never even notice because it would move across the screen so fast but, its that attention to detail that I feel sets designers and artist alike apart from one another.