Jennifer Deppe Parker

Prism Study 7

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2015, Acrylic on canvas, magazine & specialty papers, polyurethane, 12" x 12" x 1.5"

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I believe the way that we see light and color are influenced by the things that surround us. Not necessarily the physical reality that we see, but pieces of our lives that inhabit our minds and affect our souls. I am inspired by sensory elements of experiences, the excitement of brilliant color, and seeing light on a different plain by transcending to a new level of consciousness. I depict impossible abstract representations of an experience as well as a representation of a physical reality to portray how things are and how things should be. I want the viewer to be lost in awe of the intensity of the atmosphere that surrounds us.

In the Prism series I combine multiple mediums with familiar images and shapes as symbols for universal triggers, which allow the viewer to experience information simultaneously. My process begins with a photograph, which is painted onto canvas. Analyzing the flow and shapes of the painting, I create a fractured abstract form which represents dispersion of light. Integrating assemblage of cutouts from printed media, I create a design, which complements the abstract forms. The combination of these mediums allows the viewer to experience the information simultaneously and is able to activate a subconscious relationship between each piece and the viewer by the recognition of the feelings and textures of the modern world we live in. My goal is to give a viewer a unique alternative to the world they already know and escape to a place that only their inner guidance can dictate.