Gershon Kelman

Heartbreaker, Dreammaker

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2012, digital photography, 17" x 22"

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I possess the learning disability of dyslexia. Until I found the camera, I had no idea of how to overcome the many obstacles put in front of me. I look at things with a very unique prism and colorize my photographs using that very unique prism. Throughout the years, I created photographs of reflections off of other buildings; however, I always wanted to invent a new form a photography that no one has ever seen before. With weeks of experimenting with colorization on my computer and selecting “out of the box” photos in the city of Los Angeles, where I presently reside, I produced a unique form of photography.

My current projects include: Reflections, Pop LA, and LA in the Dark as well as New York City in the Dark, Tel Aviv in the Dark, and Downtown Austin in the Dark. Growing up, I had many obstacles to overcome. I want to get the word out that a disability such as dyslexia does not have to hinder success and it does not have to be hidden. My goal is to mentor children and young adults.