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Drew Johanna is a 23-year-old female contemporary editorial photographer specializing in fashion and tableaux.  Based in LA, her unique aesthetic sensibility synthesizes high fashion with traces of the cinematic, culminating in truly gripping imagery that resonates.

Her current  work deals with the  phenomenon of displaced experiences and situational dissonance, in the form of narrative tableaux. Through careful orchestration of set design, wardrobe, lighting, and models, she attempts to evoke the strange feeling that something is unfamiliar-yet-recognizable  –  a feeling that one sometimes experiences in a dream. From her understandings of psychodynamic psychology, she takes a particular interest in the unconscious parts of the mind, where dream-logic prevails over the  rules of what  Freud called “the reality principle”.  This notion, coupled with a propensity for atmospheric immersion, offers up an intellectually and visually luscious body of work that the curious viewer can sink their teeth into.