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My work represents a passionate search for the juxtaposition of antinomies – between the sensuous immediacy of paint and the ethereal qualities of abstract biomorphic forms. I am intrigued by images that relate to the intersection of the universe at both subatomic and cellular levels as well as the vastness of intergalactic space and the phenomenon of dark matter, supernovas, and string theory. My creative efforts
are stimulated by questions such as, “How do phenomena like dark matter, genetic mutation, black holes and wormholes be understood in terms of their impact upon our consciousness of life both at cellular and geopolitical levels?”

I create images that allude to these phenomena – and then engage a combination of oils, encaustic media, printed papers and found images to create layered paintings that encompass these disparate threads in a manner that raises questions more than it provides answers. I am drawn to encaustic painting because the medium is deftly able to capture luminosity, density, transparency and texture. However, I incorporate aspects of collage to suggest layered images which are semi-concealed beneath the surface film of wax in order to suggest that consciousness is layered, and thus invites the viewer into a process of excavating the myriad possibilities posed by each painting.