Christopher Brown

Moog Festival Canopy in Asheville

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2014, Giclee print on Hahnemuhle paper, 8" x 16"

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In creating photographs I rely on the ancient art of alchemy and its handmaidens serendipity and illumination. My role is that of conductor. Just as a lens conducts light and a wire electricity, I conduct energies that burn off the mundane and reveal an aspect of pure gold. It is a collaborative process involving the subject, my feelings, the camera and much more.

Although I am a promiscuous photographer, both in terms of subject and cameras, working on a series remains my favorite activity. Often I will explore a series with a single camera, but in time a tangential series, on the same subject but with a different camera, will arise.

Within the boundaries of subject, technique and mechanism I adore experimentation and improvisation. The sweetest spot for me is the period after initial improvisation but prior to total mastery. This is when I most consistently conduct energies beyond myself. When I am successful the outcome is something I do not readily recognize as my own.