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Chris Kehoe is living on the magical and mystical island of Maui, Hawaii. He is inspired daily by the power and gracious beauty of what is revered as the ‘aina”. Defined as ‘earth’, aina represents the abundance of creation, earths dynamism, the totality of the local natural cosmos. Through the portals of nature, Chris seeks out patterns and shapes that awaken a timeless state of higher consciousness. Photography, painting and digital mixed media are a way to connect more fully with the divine nature in all of creation.

Chris’s latest digital art series capture the layered patterns and textures in aerial topography. Titled, ANCIENT FUTURE, these fine art prints and giclees explore how time, the elements and humankind have molded and shaped the earth’s surface, in both subtle and dramatic ways. By extinguishing the line between photography and painting, one can further appreciate the complexities of the natural world.