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Through her monumental paintings, Booshra expresses her deep fascination with the human condition in her exquisite portraits. 

In expressing herself through her images, she contemplates the very humanness and fallibility that we all experience as human. There is a contemplative almost philosophical aura about her portraits.

They seem to be capturing the silence before any words are spoken. When something is spoken in words, it formalizes and concretizes the multitude of thought-chaos that remains in the few moment before the words are spoken.

This limbic stillness seems to be on the lips of her subjects as they struggle to formulate and manifest in words the chaos and ambiguity of thought.

Her aim is to convey the ancestral bond that ties us all together, the emotions that are spoken by and revealed through the eyes.

“The universal truth of our shared origin cannot remain hidden. There is no shying away from our underlying wisdom or savagery. There is no denial”.