Arula Ratnakar

Conceptual Sketch 1

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2013, graphite on paper, 9" x 12"

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In my mind, the details are what make a building beautiful. The intricate carvings 
of one, the seamless joints of another, the smooth curves and arching entrances. When I 
look at a building, I take time to study as many of its details as I can. My artwork depicts 
buildings with as much intricacy as my pencil can muster. Every window is important, 
every crack in the wall has its own story. Drawn freehand with a mechanical pencil, my 
artwork ranges from 9×12 inch sketches to nearly six foot long drawings, each done with 
careful patience. I hope to convey the tale of each building’s life in my drawings, and 
stress the importance of their seemingly insignificant assets by shining the spotlight on 
their tiny details.